Essay: Skin Assessment Tool for the Dermatology Patient

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In hospitals, maintaining skin integrity is one of the critical and fundamental goals for nurses. The procedures, such as healing or restoring the breakdown of skin and the respective preventive measures, demonstrate the convergence of caring skills, critical thinking and health care providers` knowledge. The practitioner nurses, as well as the novice nurses, must know the assessment criteria to examine the integrity of the skin. Depending upon the nature and severity of diseases, the skin assessment tool may differ. Skin breakdown may occur due to the disease or treatment procedure. Read More

Making a Content-Heavy PowerPoint Presentation

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It is often difficult to present your topic to the audience during the presentation. You may be good at writing, but when it comes to presenting the topic in front of the entire class, you may lack confidence. With a well-developed PowerPoint presentation, it could be much easier to present your topic, especially when it is made by professional writers. While for interactive presentations, you may use limited information, content-heavy presentations include detailed information. These types of presentations are exactly the opposite of interactive presentations.

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