Essay: Skin Assessment Tool for the Dermatology Patient

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In hospitals, maintaining skin integrity is one of the critical and fundamental goals for nurses. The procedures, such as healing or restoring the breakdown of skin and the respective preventive measures, demonstrate the convergence of caring skills, critical thinking and health care providers` knowledge. The practitioner nurses, as well as the novice nurses, must know the assessment criteria to examine the integrity of the skin. Depending upon the nature and severity of diseases, the skin assessment tool may differ. Skin breakdown may occur due to the disease or treatment procedure.

Skin Assessment Tool

After identifying the cause, nurses should evaluate the proper skin assessment tool and provide the preventive care. It is essential for the nurses to identify   and examine each aspect, develop a tool and implement it in the clinical setting.

The development of skin assessment tool is one of the safety care procedures. Therefore, nurse   practitioners should develop a tool on the basis of evidence from current research studies. What the percentage of the population usually affects by the skin diseases is 20 to 33 %.

Most of the skin diseases cases could not reach the health care professional, local pharmacist or the   general physician. However, almost 15 % of patients diagnosed with skin disease contacts to the general physicians concerning the complaints of skin disease.

General physicians recommend some of them to skin specialists, and the rest of them get treatment from the general physicians.

Skin Disease

The most of the skin disease conditions can be seen naturally. That is the reason; people suffering from such visible disease often get suffering from depression.

The activities in the normal society do not behave, with patients of such diseases, well. Society subjects them to the exclusion from normal living, as well as to insult, antagonism, whispered comments and stares.

Moreover, many of the skin diseases do not have a proper cure. Patients neglect their skin disease condition and usually go for treatment with the worst or untreatable condition.

The patients with dermatological diseases are in great need of support and acceptance. They have a right to get treatment as complete, valued and equal human being.

In nurse led clinic, most of the nurses possessed no experience regarding skin condition of a patient. Hence, they need to recognize the broad knowledge about skin diseases, basic principles of the disease, treatment plan, and limitation. They must seek the necessary advice.

The developed assessment tool covers all aspects including the general and physical examination, as well as the intensity of pain, itching and soreness found on the skin following the skin disease. I think this tool will help the nurses to improve their skin assessment skills.

The information about the disease and patient`s perception are also important for nurses to know, in order to develop the better care plan. It is the responsibility of a clinic to provide the adequate policy, procedure, assessment tool and training concerning the examination of the skin.

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