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Research Paper on Holistic Coaching as Complex Task

Psycho-social and socio-cultural are two different sub-disciplines in which the coach education and holistic sports coaching can be categorized. These two sub-disciplines deal with social and humanism theories. In order to explain and understand the complexities of coach education and sports coaching, the study of these two terms has emerged within the socio-cultural discipline. Read More

Essay on Situational & Behavioural Theory of Leadership

In the situational theory of leadership, some of the philosophers and the researchers realised that a person can still be a leader if the universal leadership behaviours or traits are not reflected by him/her. This thought eventually led to the development of the situational theory. It was emphasised by this theory that from situation to situation, the leadership within a person can change significantly. Read More

Thesis: Civil Rights Movement

With the goal of advocating for the rights of African Americans to ensure equality, the civil rights movement was founded. The civil era and the eventual union of the American states carried the abolition of slavery with it. Free citizens were entitled to equality, but the white population had no civil rights. Read More

Essay: Public Broadcasting Corporations

Public service broadcasters are not important today because the information they convey cannot reach many individuals in areas where their channels are not transmitted. In several geographical regions around the world, new digital transmissions are available, a condition that makes it effective for listeners to receive first and accurate data (Uricchio 2009, p.59). Read More

Signs & Indicators of Sensory Loss and how its Concerns can be Reported

For identifying blindness/deaf, few of the indicators are personalised communication methods, usage of other senses, touch, and smell, taste, to acquire information, developmental delay, isolation and withdrawal, resistive to being touched, no response to light or sound. For identifying hearing loss, the indicators are adult voices being easier to understand, hearing better from one ear in contrast to others, having a high volume of radio or television, asking individuals to repeat themselves all the time. For identifying sight loss, the indicators are loss of interest in hobbies like needlework, squinting while watching television, difficulty in identifying faced of friends or family, reduced night vision, and eyes hurting/frequent headaches. Read More