Report: SWOT Analysis of McDonald’s

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SWOT Analysis is the word used to evaluate the organization’s physical location. It is a very effective technique for measuring the organization’s positive and negative sides.

Strengths of McDonald’s

McDonald’s has been operating its business for nearly 60 years and has gained much experience in the fast food industry. Most of the employees who are working at the managerial level are promoted from the assistant. An experienced management company can be a serious situation.

McDonald’s in almost all airports, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. For global high street, the most interesting are expensive and busy locations. McDonald’s and Franchises policy are known to have a unique business policy.

McDonald’s owns and franchises restaurants run by more than 80% and the ultimate capacity of the community to provide for the company to capitalize on the market franchises.

Weaknesses of McDonald’s

The high turnover of staff shows a weak clothing pattern. It is aimed at children and advertises a low level of innovation in new products. McDonald’s is sometimes criticized for its junk food. It is also noted that McDonald’s service delivery is unreliable from store to store.

Opportunities for McDonald’s

By inventing new food, McDonald’s can boost its sales, attract more customers, and successfully innovate.  During the economic crisis, people can stop spending on their clothing and avoid spending money on things, but they cannot avoid food.

McDonald’s offers an affordable price, which customers can use. For example, more entertaining and engaging elements can be included in each store. Sponsorships for community support can promote the business to work for humanity.

Threats of McDonald’s

More competitors, such as KFC, Burger King, Subway, Pizza Hut, etc., work for the same number of customers. For health problems, fast food companies are usually criticized.

Foreign currency fluctuations are also affecting its operation. Competitors’ offerings and lower prices of food are increasing.

You can use a SWOT analysis of the company’s business strategies to determine the barriers, and they can take the necessary steps to solve the problem.

McDonald clearly understood the importance of this analysis, which is why it always keeps his eyes activated.

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