Research Paper on Social Change

What is a social change?

A social change is a difference between material objects and the attitude of using such things over time and space. According to Merrill, social change involves interaction, movement, growth, and function. He further asserts that social change means that many persons are engaging in activities that differ from those in which their predecessors engaged in the past. Moreover, such a change is often prominent and can be studied through reliable statistics.

On the other hand, Kinsley Davis defined social change as a change in which alterations occur in a social organization, that is, the structure and function of a society. It means leaving a habit or an attitude and adopting another by many people in a society, which is called social change.

Social changes are interrelated.

Within a society, the variety and alternatives to meet people’s needs and satisfaction increase due to industrial extension and urbanization. Industrial development enters into agriculture, medicine, communication, education, trading, and other aspects of life.

All these aspects of life are socially connected in one way or another, and any change in one sector also causes a chain of changes in other related sectors. Therefore, all social changes are interrelated.

It can be said that different sectors or institutes have some similarities and are connected to different parts of the human body. One organ depends on the structure and functioning of other organs. If one organ starts malfunctioning, it will also affect other organs.

Similarly, social institutions are interdependent upon one another because human needs are interdependent.

Any significant change in one social institution will affect other institutions and cause changes in the whole social order. Such changes ultimately will affect the system in its previous state of functioning.

Due to such disruptions of the initial order, disorganization and anarchy arise. For instance, the Wall Street crash adversely affected not only the trade and business sector but also other sectors of life.

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