Review Of The Book The Secret- By Rhonda Byrne

The book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne is a powerful book with a very powerful and strong message for everyone who wants to live a positive and happier life. The book mostly talks about the powerful law of attraction which means like attracts like. In other words, it means you attract what you think about most of the time. In our life, we spend a lot of time thinking when we have nothing else to do. Read More

Research Paper on Social Change

What is a social change?

A social change is a difference between material objects and the attitude of using such things over time and space. According to Merrill, social change involves interaction, movement, growth, and function. He further asserts that social change means that many persons are engaging in activities that differ from those in which their predecessors engaged in the past. Moreover, such a change is often prominent and can be studied through reliable statistics. Read More