Models of Hybrid Course Designs

What are hybrid courses?

Hybrid learning is a method to incorporate conventional classroom environments, experiential learning strategies and implementation of interactive classes that prioritize finding the right choice for and learning target. A hybrid course differs greatly depending on the subject matter learned and the interests of individual learner groups.

Models of Hybrid Course Designs

Hybrid course design is a complex process that involves feedback from a range of experts to achieve its full potential, since it needs to be based in the best practises carried out in previous course designs as well as the individual learning needs.

The models of hybrid courses includes:

Face-to – face interaction: The teacher teaches and encourages face-to – face class interaction and then completes online tasks based on these classroom activities.
Online based: The teacher places multimedia seminars for students to study using screencasts or other streaming devices, and then the students use these resources to partake in face-to – face events.

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