To acquire secured data, one of the most operative methods is encryption. Translation of data into secret code is referred to as encryption. Only a secret password or key can decrypt an encrypted file and offer access to read it.

The ciphertext is termed as encrypted data. This essay critically reflects upon encryption and research security with respect to both organizations and their employees. In today’s world, one of the major risks faced by every organization is the un-authorization of access to computer data. An enhanced probability of compromising of data is being faced by organizations using computer networks.

It is getting more complex as through internet and dial-up work connections are being expanded by the business environment. Often the sensitive data is insecurely transmitted and stored. It also furthers the risk of getting modified by external intruders or employees or being disclosed un-authorized manner. However, through the implementation of a comprehensive security plan, these risks can be reduced significantly. The best comprehensive security plan is the one that involves encryption, also known as, cryptography.

The use and design of encryption systems is the main objective of cryptography. Ensuring data authenticity and privacy is the primary goal of cryptography. Privacy is provided by encryption through the conversion of data into an unintelligible type through the usage of a key. This key in specific is basically a collection of symbols or one symbol and the processes of decryption or encryption are controlled by it. Besides offering the best security to the organization, encryption has various advantages and drawbacks too. The first benefit it provides to organizations is moving to the cloud.

Cloud is not perceived as safe by various organizations due to its own data center. However, the benefits of data privacy and of infrastructure as a service can be enjoyed by organizations through encryption and cloud. Other than this, it offers a competitive edge to the organizations.

Organizations can expand their business with existing customers, can attract new customers and can enhance their security posture through key management software and encryption. Also, from breach notification, a safe harbor is offered to organizations by encryption. Laws related to data breach notification are present and being practiced globally. If found guilty with respect to the violation, it can cost millions to the company to pay back off.

Along with advantages, there is a various drawback too of encryption which every organization must consider. Data encryption is like one connected circle, one point lost and it will be quite difficult to recover the entire data.  Another major drawback is with regards to its cost, as higher upgrades and capacity levels are required, thereby it can be quite costly for organizations to afford such huge systems.