Corporate Social Responsibility

Significance of Corporate Social Responsibility for the Organization

Considering everything else equally, the organization that actively promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and programs is generally considered more favorable than those with highly visible campaigns. The goals and vision of the organizations beyond their profits and products are the major sources of developing a warmer image of the business. In this way, customers are more eager to engage with the business of such organizations.

Shift towards Corporate Social Responsibility

Customer expectations are gradually changing, and the shift is toward a sustainable way of doing business. Corporate Social Responsibility activities, once classified as obscure and irrelevant phenomena, are now considered highly acceptable acts.

Existing literature reveals that consumers perceive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as actions that solve the issues and problems created by an organization or are connected with its operations. Therefore, CSR means the organization’s involvement in primary and secondary areas.

Consumers prefer not only the CSR activities implemented by the organization but also reflections of these activities in the operations.

In the last ten years, CSR has gained much attention, and consumers’ responses to CSR have been assessed in various directions. The first component is the unpredictable responses of consumers toward CSR initiatives, as the responses are not homogenous.

Second Component

The second component is the impact on internal outcomes, including attributions, attitudes and awareness, and external outcomes, including consumer purchasing behavior. The CSR initiatives easily and significantly affect these outcomes.

Also, the benefits of CSR are not limited to the organizations; through these initiatives, the consumers and society get numerous benefits. This determines the positive or negative reaction of the consumer to CSR initiatives and deeply affects CSR activities.

However, it is not easy to develop a positive reaction because CSR activities raise suspicions among consumers about the motives, which can put the company’s reputation at stake. Therefore, the CSR motives must align with the CSR activity the organization wants to address.

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