Sexuality – The Hook Up Culture

The study of the sexual habits of women and men and the dating culture is all that makes up the hook up culture. Hooking up culture is mostly hurting and is faced by young women today, especially on college campuses. In the current era, women are asked by men on dates, expecting they might end up getting some sexual favors from them in return. This shows that men are in a powerful position, and they control the intensity of their relations. Also, according to a research study conducted, it was found the rate of virginity among college students was between 25% – 39%.

Similarly, it was found that women are placed at risk of eating disorders, alcoholism, depression and low self-esteem due to casual sexual activities involving intercourse and kissing, which is considered as ‘hooking up’.  Several questions have been raised by the new research regarding whether the hookup culture is only about women having the short end.

Also, at the annual meeting of the International Academy of Sex Research, it was found by a new research study conducted on 600 college students that women in hookups reach orgasm from oral sex or intercourse more than in comparison to in serious relationships.

Hook Up Culture

Also, a recent study by (Vrangalova & et al., 2010) published in the Journal of
Social and Personal Relationships
concluded that even though young women are casually preferring this hook-up culture, in the end, they are considered sluts with no blame on boys.

As per the above analysis and facts, I think no matter how much we progress as a society and as a culture, male dominance will never be absent. Therefore, I think that the hook-up culture is hurting women more than men.