The Real Story of Mulan Zhu Essay

Mulan Zhu, also called Hua Mulan, is still alive today in the hearts of brave men and women who cherish their country and care for their families. This legendary female warrior has troubled people’s imaginations for generations and has been the basis for several new stories.

There are two different accounts of the tale throughout history. The first one is from the Ballad of Mulan, which describes the Mongolic army’s invasion and a little girl who replaced her father in the army.

She worked for 12 years without anyone realizing she was a woman. After ten years, a courageous lady triumphantly transformed into a brilliant general.

Mulan Zhu Essay

The song also describes Mulan’s rejection of the wealth and honors offered by the emperor and her return to her family. The second edition builds on the first while providing a different sequence of events. Chu Renhuo penned the historical tale Sui-Tang Romance in the 17th century. This version of Mulan ends tragically.

She returns home when the war is over, but her mother has remarried, and her loving father has passed away. And with the difficult decision of becoming a concubine, she chooses to end her life. We may speculate whether the personality represented gender equality, faith in traditional family values, independence, and willpower, but we would never know the real story.

Because of artistic masterpieces, people are familiar with many wonderful stories and visuals. Paintings and sculptures preserve the mood from earlier times. Dances allow us to travel through time. Advertising promotions continue to reference lovely past-tense occurrences even now.

Mulan is no exception. Xinxiang, a Chinese city, greets visitors with an iron monument. After several years apart, Mulan finally sees her father. The statue aims to inspire hope for a bright future and demonstrate a joyful ending after significant suffering.


The famous person’s artwork can help others imagine what she would have looked like. Many allow each person to envision their attractive and solemn image of the lady warrior.

Oil paintings on silk backgrounds are perhaps the most beautiful. They bypass any visual sensitivity and compassion. Another way to experience oriental vibes and see crucial periods in the heroine’s life in this beautiful depiction is through calligraphic art.

In the photos, the young woman may also be seen learning the calligraphy technique by drawing designs on her hands. It’s unclear if this was her genuine skill. The television and information age provided their interpretation of art.

Mulan appears in advertisements for several products, enticing thousands of people to purchase them. Most of them are intended for kids familiar with the character from the related Disney film.