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John Campbell who is a well-known scholar in the field of mythology has identified four functions of myths. He analyzed that the heroes and legend stories across different culture and with varying beliefs and traditions still have same elements. However, these elements cannot be classified under one particular function as they perform four functions that are defined by John Campbell.

Mystical Function

This function defines that we should realize the wonders of the universe; it helps us to awaken the mystery and wonders of creation that lie around the world. This function enables us to open up our minds and helps in making ourselves aware of the mystical ‘ground if being’. As illustrated in the movie, the enemy was Kraken that was a sea monster who possessed great strength and power, and was also huge in size is based on a Greek mythology as we may not witness any such creation in today’s modern world yet the myths of historical traditions and beliefs are being portrayed in movies of recent times.

Cosmological Function

This function tends to define the shape of the cosmos, the universe and the total world. This enables us to think that these myths become alive to us. Everything in the universe has its own place, meaning, and significance. Cosmological function as it deals with the shape of the universe is, therefore, more related to the science of the world, this cosmology must be in relevance to the actual experiences, knowledge and mentality of the culture and should not deviate from the original beliefs if the society that initiated the tradition. According to the movie, the worldly acts of human have an impact over the gods and their prayers are crucial for making them stay alive.

Sociological Function

The sociological function has its grounds on the fact that the culture followed by people should be based on rules and laws; it must not deviate from the moral code and ethics to ensure that humankind is not negatively affected. People need to distinguish between rights and wrong so that no one is harmed. It can be defined as validation and establishment of a specific order, which helps us by teaching the way we should behave in the society with meeting our responsibilities.

Pedagogical Function

A pedagogical function that can also be referred to as psychological function states that human has different stages in life that he experiences that starts from his birth and ends at the death of that person, after which the life hereafter begins. It defines the way a human should live his life in varying circumstances that he tends to experience in his life at different stages. Individuals need to reconcile their conscientiousness with the will of the universe to ensure their success.

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