Importance of Being Objective as a Group Leader

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Being objective as a group leader within the group environment is important. This is in appreciation of the immense power concentrated in the hands of group leaders that could lead to the imposition of our values, opinions, and perspectives on the group members.

Corey and Corey (2006) say that some leaders use leadership opportunities to further the subjective and personal interests of the group members. This overlooks the group’s focus on addressing the client’s needs rather than the leader’s inclinations.

Being Objective as Group Leader

During group therapy, I must understand my values and prejudices to minimize the risk of causing negative impacts on the client during group therapy.  Imposing one’s attitudes and views on the group discourages the group members.

However, exposing one’s values to the group members is important, as it is a central component of psychotherapy where the clients understand human weaknesses and strengths. As Corey et al. (1995) explain, “…there is a real difference between imposing and exposing one’s values. When leaders impose their values, they are showing disrespect for the members. Integrity…” 

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