Essay on Fashion and Society

Essay on Fashion and Society – One of the most well-known aspects of social life is fashion. Both scientists and regular people are always curious about it. Fashion has frequently been used as a research topic in academic and popular literature, attracting the attention of specialists from various fields, including philosophers, historians, cultural experts, psychologists, painters, clothing technologists, and others.

Numerous studies in social science have been devoted to fashion and show various facets of this complex and varied phenomenon. Fashion can be thought of as a particular collection of social standards that predominate within a certain spatial-temporal context. The essay investigates the significance of fashion and society as a component of human civilization.

Process of Fashion

The process of fashion is ever-evolving. Fashion is said to have developed between the XII and XIII centuries, mostly in Europe. Its prevalence was related to the development of urban culture. Additionally, there was a need for novel, frivolous communication methods that would be more transient.

Primary Setting

The primary setting for these interactions was city streets and squares. New ideas and cultural paradigms emerged. As time went on, manufacturing advanced. It first appeared as the manufacture of things for sale by urban artisan guilds and subsequently in factories. Due to the exquisiteness of nobles’ attire, people sought to seem to be members of the nobility from royal courts. As a result, these locations became the cradle of fashion.

XIX Century

During the XIX century, fashion gained even more significance. There were a lot of revolutions at this time. The society of equal opportunity was established in the 19th century. At that point, restrictions and limits from the past were lifted.

Additionally, mass manufacturing began to emerge. The ability to manufacture many inexpensive items aimed at the mass market allowed the fulfilment of unmet consumer demand.

In addition to newspapers, railways, television, magazines, radio, telegraph, and mail, other forms of communication also emerged. The Internet also rapidly emerged.

It became the primary method of information sharing. In this approach, the interaction of individuals in large cities is seen as the source of fashion.


Antifashion is a term used to describe an idea that combines class, authenticity, and rejection of conventional fashion. A protest that deviates from the accepted norm is typically interpreted as an external expression of the displeasure of society’s primary values.

American sociologist John K. Galbraith states that owning current standards and samples is linked to a certain mental response. The customer has a sense of personal accomplishment and neighborly equality due to these blessings. They relieve a person’s mental and sexual requirements, guarantee social status, enhance physical well-being, and satiate mental wants. Otherwise, the person feels belittled.