The Pros and Cons of Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a disorder whose consequences occur due to an individual’s engagement within an activity, i.e., shopping, sex or gambling or consumption of a substance, e.g., nicotine, cocaine or alcohol, which is referred to as an addiction. There are various types of addiction. Some of them result in behaviors adopted from the social environment. This essay will critically reflect upon one of the most common addictions: sex. It will discuss its pros and cons, the social humiliations linked with it, viewpoints of media regarding its prevention and treatment and concludes whether it is a good or bad thing.

A condition that leads to mismanagement of sexual behavior from an individual’s end is known as sexual addiction. It comprises harmful and compulsive sexual fantasies, thoughts or behavior that results from an individual’s compulsive engagement in sexual intercourse.

Some of its common terms used are compulsive sexual behavior, hypersexuality, and sexual dependency. Some of the social stigmas attached to it are its addicts being perceived as dangerous, untrustworthy, lack of self-control and sleazy.

Sex Addiction Pros and Cons

In today’s world, sex addiction appears to be quite common. It has led various media types (magazines, newspapers, movies, and the internet) to share their viewpoints about its prevention and treatment.

Sex addiction can be prevented by excluding pornographic websites, limiting and monitoring technology usage (smartphones and computers), educating teens about the disadvantages of excessive internet usage, and addressing emotional issues and interventions that boost self-image and self-esteem.

It can be treated by referring to counseling addicts and advising them to join different recovery support groups. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also often used by both medical and mental health professionals to address this disease.

Along with this, the twelve-step program has also appeared to be quite effective in addressing this disease. Besides this, several medications like SSRI (serotoninergic) can also be used to treat this addiction.

Besides its prevention and treatment, one must not forget that the word ‘sexual addiction’ itself has numerous advantages and disadvantages. This term offers a general understanding of the behavioral patterns of an individual.

Through various programs in support of its treatment, it also offers a community of individuals who are experiencing similar struggles.

Sexual addicts can satisfy their pleasures by themselves, i.e., by watching porn. They can easily avoid feelings of shame, loneliness, and anxiety through their addiction and activities. Daily sex itself comprises various pros like burning of calories, relieving of stress and improvements in cardiovascular health.