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Essay: The Importance of Situational Leadership

The situationalĀ approach is one of the most renowned leadership approaches proposed by Blanchard and Hersey in the year 1969. It has been majorly used in organizational leadership training and development. Situations are mostly focused on this leadership approach.

Thesis: Civil Rights Movement

With the goal of advocating for the rights of African Americans to ensure equality, the civil rights movement was founded. The civil era and the eventual union of the American states carried the abolition of slavery with it. Free citizens were entitled to equality, but the white population had no civil rights.

Essay: What are the negatives of a shorter work week?

Although there are many explanations for delivering a shortened workweek, it is not suitable for everybody. Before making a big business decision, there are several factors to remember.

Essay: Public Broadcasting Corporations

Public service broadcasters are not important today because the information they convey cannot reach many individuals in areas where their channels are not transmitted. In several geographical regions around the world, new digital transmissions are available, a condition that makes it effective for listeners to receive first and accurate data (Uricchio 2009, p.59).

Essay: Domestic violence has increased during pandemic

Domestic abuse is not recent, globally widespread and it will be wrong to deny the possibility that violence against women would escalate during the pandemic.

Essay on Situational & Behavioural Theory of Leadership

In the situational theory of leadership, some of the philosophers and the researchers realised that a person can still be a leader if the universal leadership behaviours or traits are not reflected by him/her. This thought eventually led to the development of the situational theory. It was emphasised by this theory that from situation to […]

Assignment on The theory of constraints

The theory of constraints can be described as a system management philosophy that was introduced by Eliyahu M. Goldratt in the early 1980s. It is basically a management concept that is specifically designed to provide continual improvement. The underlying principle of the theory of constraints is that constraints set limits of performance for any systems.

Assignment on Thailand: Culture and Society

Thailand has a history that is 4500 years old. The word Thai means “free; the name Thailand means ” the land of the free”. The country is approximately the size of France and divided into four regions: the North, the North-east, the Central area and the South. Each region has its own dialect, but the […]

Assignment on Covid 19

Italy has registered 681 deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths to 15,362. The death toll is the lowest in the last nine days, since Thursday the 26th when 662 people lost their lives. In addition, 4,805 people have been infected in the transalpine country, bringing the balance of infected […]

Essay on Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is a statistical method used for separating special cause variation from natural variation in order to eradicate the special causes and to develop and sustain homogeneity in the process leading to process enhancement. The key element of SPS is continual improvement. It improves the predictability of the processes of the entire […]