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Though, they may differ in size and general outlook, slums are like a sore thumb on the face of every city. This is where those people who want to live in the urban areas, but do not have the means of life congregate. Life is usually hard, but they find a means of survival.

What may make people not only stay here, but also refuse to leave? That question begs for a response. The answer lies in what The Block offers to the community that lives in it. The aborigines of Australia are one community that has faced discrimination, despite the fact that they are the natives of the place. Having a place where they can call home, a place where there are people who love and care for them is what keeps many of them in the place.

There, they have an identity, something they might not have when they leave. Here, they are a leader and they have someone who looks up to them and thinks that they are wonderful. This is different from a world where they may suffer anonymity.

They are able to make their own rules and live by them, and they have an opportunity to be themselves without the fear of being judged for their actions. In The Block, they have a life they can afford, and activities they undertake that make them who they are (for example, painting).

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