In recent years, one of the most debatable topics has been marijuana. Many believe that it is a special plant and is less damaging comparative to tobacco or alcohol. It also has been believed by some individuals that it offers more than just mental and physical belief. It is perceived that it has the healing power concerning to diseases. The evidence of such healing power has been questioned by a lot of medical experts. For decades, a lot of studies have been performed on marijuana. It is mostly considered and perceived as a drug by most of the doctors and is assumed to adverse impacts in dealing with pain or disease management.

Alcohol has been considered by various advocates for the legalization of marijuana that it is more dangerous for society in comparison to the impacts of using marijuana recreationally. Although a huge track record has not been necessarily found regarding alcohol, yet still a lot of laws have been integrated to prevent any negative impacts that may be caused for the average American. In almost every culture, the usage of alcohol is found all around the globe. Yet still its general usage for the public is not justified. Indeed it does show alcohol is perceived to be less threatening comparative to marijuana. It also has been accepted by a lot of people as a social morality.

In numerous ways, alcohol has been studied. It also has been suggested by some of the studies that assistance in digestive health can be gained, and type 2 diabetes and heart disease can be avoided through minor consumption. One of the biggest positive impact of legalization of recreational marijuana is that it can be used by individuals with a variety of issues related to conditions, disorders, and problems and it can also help in curing individuals with PTSD, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, cancer, and epilepsy.