Fashion initiated when clothes were worn by human beings. Human beings started wearing clothes somewhere between 100000 to 50000 years ago. The term ‘fashion’ originated from the period of 1600-1650 in the clothing of Western Europe. In favor of linen or broad lace collars, the disappearance of the ruff was characterized by this specific clothing of Western Europe. In 1648, fashion was perceived as a potent weapon for creating the cultural preeminence of France. A long vertical line was superseded gradually by the high and wide-waistline appearance of the previous period with respect to women. In Paris, all high fashion was originated throughout the early twentieth century. It had a lesser extent to London from Paris.

Fashion is both a revival of a former trend and a hybrid of other trends. Some of the 80’s fashion trends were revived such as the 80’s hair, including the rat tail, mullets, and perms. Similarly, over the past few years, the prints and silhouettes from the 70s have trickled down to fast-fashion from high-fashion. Likewise, the feathers, sequins, glitter, and glamour have been revived of the ’80s. Grunge, cargo denim, and pastels are some of the 90’s trends that are revived. The 2000s fashion are expected to be revived in 2018, including the belly chain, low-rider flares, and camisole. In addition to this, the street wear-fashion hybrids are an increasing trend. However, the ‘streetwear’ is mostly perceived not as a trend but a cultural phenomenon.

The context of the fashion is that it has created a global empire that has redistributed and redefined fashion to the masses, for example, the Miuccia Prada – one of the well-known brands in luxury fashion has become familiar with both high-end retail and haute couture. Yes, fashion is both an expression to a shift in attitudes and a reaction to a cultural event. Created by an individual but connected with actions of the huge number of clothing designers with the objective to create similar but unique clothes is referred to as the collective cultural phenomenon, known as, fashion. The market for fashion is enormous with rapid growth. The future of fashion is in technology. The technology has transformed the fashion industry from offer temperature-changing fabrics to VR/AR dressing rooms.