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Welcome to Academic Helper, where we provide high-quality custom academic paper writing services to students worldwide. Among the writing services, we specialize in writing custom essays, custom term papers, custom research papers, custom theses, custom dissertations, case studies, coursework, article critiques, book reports, presentations, speeches and all types of academic papers.

No matter where in the world you reside, you can log on to our website and place all the orders related to writing. We provide academic writing assistance for all types of academic courses and levels. We have writers who specialize in the academic field you want academic papers for. One of the top features of Academic Helper is discussed below.

Professional Writers for an academic paper

We at Academic Helper claim that we have top-quality writers because we thoroughly test them before hiring them. Every writer selected to work for Academic Helper must go through stringent writing tests to gauge writing and research-making skills. Once these writers clear the tests, they are thoroughly interviewed about their previous experiences in the field of professional academic writing. Once we are satisfied with their writing capabilities, they can only write your academic papers.

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Every writer we hire holds at least a Master’s degree. We have writers specifically for different academic fields so that they can fulfil your writing demands and specifications in the area of your specialization.

Plagiarism Free Academic Paper Writing Services

The day we started as a professional academic writing company, we made stringent policies regarding plagiarism. Plagiarism is strictly monitored and watched in Academic Helper, and we have very strict penalties for those who indulge in this practice. If any of our writers is caught plagiarizing your academic papers, whether it is intentional or unintentional, he/she is immediately fired from the job.academic paper, writing services, academic helper, custom academic paper

Due to such fears and strict penalties, our writers are extremely vigilant and refrain from such unethical practices. Therefore, from your part, there is nothing to be worried about when it comes to plagiarism, as we understand that it is prohibited in all institutions and carries strict penalties for students. We highly discourage this practice at Academic Helper. In addition, all your academic papers are written from scratch with complete research and the citation style of your choice.

24/7 Customer Services

At Academic Helper, we provide 24/7 customer support. If you have any questions about our custom academic writing services, you can always log on to our website and submit a request.

We have 24/7 online customer support staff to respond to all your queries. All you need to do is just click on Live Chat button provided on the web page and you are ready to ask questions regarding our custom academic paper writing services.