Essay: What are the negatives of a shorter work week?

Although there are many explanations for delivering a shortened workweek, it is not suitable for everybody. Before making a big business decision, there are several factors to remember.

Things have obviously changed if you’re a company executive who comes from the “clocking-in-and-out” era. The thought of people operating remotely, for instance, not so long ago, seemed incredibly unlikely. It will take time to change mindsets. And you can also fail to accept the notion when it comes to working a shortened working week.

You do have to face the fact that you will have to change the management style of your company if the shortened workweek sounds intriguing. And for others, this can be unattractive. You’ll have to retrain the managers first. Under this current system, it’s crucial for them to know how to handle their staff and become better at keeping their workers accountable.

If you want to get the staff a shortened work week and you’ve outlined stuff that workers can honestly take time, so it’s up to them to know if they’re still employed. Only make sure they realize that they don’t have to.