Essay: Problems caused by ethnic diversity in the society and organizations

Problems of ethnic diversity can not only be found in organizations, but also in society as a whole. The Western part of the world has been impacted by increased migration in recent decades, resulting in a varied ethnicity.

As well as the question of the substantial inclusion of immigrants in the social security system, ethnic diversity has placed pressure on the health of most countries in the region. Similarly, the involvement of migrant communities in urban areas threatens to undermine the credibility of collective solidarity in the social welfare sector.

The fundamental challenge created by immigration and integration policies is the creation of a compromise between the exclusivity and transparency of welfare programs, without undermining countries’ universal happiness. Several reports include literature on the topic of ethnic diversity-related problems.

In offering the preferred social services, the public continues to discriminate between immigrants and persons with the same ethnicity or cultural minorities in different cultures. In the hierarchy of finding those more worthy than anyone, in the pecking orders, foreigners find themselves slipping behind the locals.

With immigrants being substantially high in most western nations, social stability has been adversely impacted by ethnic diversity. As issues have long existed in different literature, suggesting social withdrawal in the societies of the United States that has contributed to anxiety across the board, no evidence is accessible on potential solutions that have been placed in place to fix the problem. Communication has been stated to be a significant problem for those employed in workplaces of varying ethnicities.