Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender parenting also referred to as (LGBT) is a parenting technique where the mentioned individuals raise one or more children. It may include raising children by single parents who are LGBT or opposite-sex couples where one of them is LGBT. This proposal seeks to provide information on the LGBT issue, the challenges faced by these parents, history of LGBTQ discrimination, violence against LGBTQ people, and any other LGBTQ topic that is intriguing. Children being raised by same-sex couples is one of the highly sensitive topics of society. Many individuals tend to think that children raised by same-sex couples do not grow normally like others. It is an issue that leaves many individual with unanswered questions.

It is an interesting topic because, in the society, few children are raised by same-sex couples. The topic raises many questions. Many individuals do not know whether children raised by same-sex couples are better or those raised by opposite-sex couples. Carrying out research on this issue, has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is that, after researching and publishing information about the topic, many parents will get to know whether it is a good parenting technique or not. To the children, if the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, they may end up having their parenting styles changed. It is an undertaking that will change how a child grows up and that will affect his or her lifestyle in one way or another.

This topic matters because most parents or those who want to take part in it want to know whether it is the best thing to do for their child. It is important for parents to have more knowledge on the issue, for them to know what to expect in terms of behaviours of their children and how to handle them. Scientific researchers have carried out various research activities on this topic and have published various manuscripts on the same. The manuscripts help in enlightening parents as well as prospective LGBT parents. The main challenge faced by LGBT community in the United States includes transgender rights, marriage equality, workplace protections, sexual liberties, LGBT homeless youths, and bullying, housing, and public accommodations. LGBT parents sometimes face discrimination; for instance, the house of Arkansas votes in favor for discrimination of LGBT parents.

The discrimination gives a clear impression that these parents do not sometimes live comfortably. Violence against LGBT parents is also another issue faced by these individuals. Violence against them can be motivated by their gender identity or sexuality. The state may also execute it in relation to laws prescribing for homosexuals. These are some of the factors giving a clear impression that LGBT parents do not have quite an ample time with their parenting. The problem is that with these challenges, they parents are not the only ones who are affected since the kids face the consequences too.